About Us

At Global Light International Private Limited, we stand as a beacon of excellence in the realm of international business and travel solutions. With a firm commitment to professionalism and quality, we have garnered recognition from several esteemed government bodies and organizations.

We are proudly registered with:

SECP (Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan)

Our dedication to transparent business practices and compliance with regulatory standards is reflected in our registration with SECP.

FBR (Federal Board of Revenue)

We uphold our responsibility as a responsible corporate entity by being registered with FBR, ensuring that our financial operations are in accordance with taxation regulations.

Chamber of Commerce

Our affiliation with the Chamber of Commerce is a testament to our active participation in fostering economic growth and trade development.

Pakistan Engineering Council

As a company that values innovation and engineering excellence, our registration with the Pakistan Engineering Council reflects our commitment to upholding engineering standards in our services.

Pakistan Single Window

Our integration with the Pakistan Single Window streamlines import and export processes, allowing us to provide efficient and hassle-free solutions to our clients.

Department of Tourist Services

Our involvement with the Department of Tourist Services signifies our dedication to offering remarkable travel experiences, guided by official guidelines and regulations.

Our Services:

1. Customer Clearance:

Seamlessly navigate international trade regulations with our top-tier customer clearance services, ensuring your goods move swiftly across borders.

2. Domestic & International Travel & Tourism:

Embark on unforgettable journeys curated by our travel experts. Whether exploring local gems or global wonders, we ensure your travels are filled with memories.

3. Consultancy:

Our seasoned consultants provide expert guidance across diverse domains, helping you make informed decisions to achieve success in business and travel.

4. Import & Export:

Expand your global reach with our import and export services. We handle the complexities, ensuring compliance and efficiency in your trade ventures.

5. Real Estate & Marketing:

Discover prime real estate options with us. Our marketing expertise ensures your properties and offerings receive the attention they deserve.

At Global Light International Private Limited, our government affiliations underline our commitment to professionalism and integrity. Our array of services cater to your international business and travel needs, guiding you towards success with every step. Join us on a journey where excellence is our guiding light.